Harrison’s fund


In late 2017, Orbital Media were approached by Harrison’s Fund, a charity which tackles Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy with a family driven story. The eponymous Harrison suffers with the deteriorating condition, which stops him from moving freely in years when he should be his most active.

The challenge was to provide Harrison himself with a method of overcoming the physical trappings of his illness through technology and to provide Harrison’s Fund charity with a boost to their fantastic campaign work.


Orbital knew that this campaign hinged on finding a technological solution that would provide a solution no one had seen or used before. Fortunately, DoubleMe, world leaders in HoloLens and holoportal technology, where more than happy to help. The convergence of mixed reality technology was just that ground-breaking solution, allowing us to give Harrison a new avenue of communication with his family.


The magical moment, told through a film about the real-life story of a young boy and his grandpa, allowed Orbital to showcase the true power of mixed reality.  The meeting of grandson and grandpa became possible by marrying Microsoft’s HoloLens, the self-contained mixed reality glasses with DoubleMe, the world’s first HoloPortal™ that converts 2D videos into dynamic 3D models in real-time. Together, the technologies enable users like Harrison to see a hologram of their loved one such as their grandpa and have a conversation as if they were in the same room.

Thanks to a touch of innovation, Harrison was given a platform from which he could communicate with his grandpa and Harrison’s Fund were given a great boost to awareness.