Key aims of the activity were to boost engagement, reach and sales volumes.


With extensive successes in marketing to mums (the primary target), we designed an exciting and engaging Facebook game (fully compatible across platforms) that tasked entrants with eradicating stained/dirty clothing as it fell down stairs. To complete the game, entrants needed to tap on as many falling items of clothing as possible, within a specific time limit.

Entrants who achieved this goal were then entered into a prize draw; furthermore, extra entries could be secured by inviting friends, following on Twitter/Pinterest or tweeting a specific message.


Plays: 81,000

Average play time: 60 seconds

Total Facebook reach: 1,150,000

Total engagement: 27,500

Number of times campaign hashtag used: 9,250

Total Twitter reach: 7,500,000

Email addresses collected: 8,000 

Using gamification methodology, we looked to use this campaign to reinforce the value of the product as a highly effective wash booster. The repeat plays and dwell time for this campaign far exceeded those typically seen within any other media channel e.g. TV. Significant correlated sales growth was achieved.