The brief:

Orbital was asked by Joules to produce a pass-the-parcel style application to help grow reach and awareness of the brand during the Christmas period. The application would need to be held on their Facebook page and encourage sharing.


The activity:

In the first instance, Orbital sent over creative templates to Joules in order that they could design the app screens around them. These designs were sent back to us and we produced the requested applications using these app screens.

The application, held on the Joules Facebook page, was fully mobile compatible and worked across platform. To play, users simply had to enter their details (including their email address), click the parcel and immediately find out if they had won a prize or not. Users could enter again by inviting a friend on Facebook thus increasing the virality of the game.

Pass the Parcel app screen
Pass the Parcel app screen


  • During the applications 2 week activation; it received almost 200,000 plays!
  • Over 58,000 of these were unique entrants!
  • All prizes available were won!