Web and mobile applications have become an important component of orthodox digital strategies. Strategically, they can provide a sophisticated and unique way for consumers to engage with a brand. However, with the veritable smorgasbord of apps available to consumers, it’s crucial to ensure that there is a sound reasoning behind any initiative. Things to consider would be:

  • Will the app provide added value to the consumer?
  • Does the app have longevity built into it?
  • Does the app have a compelling reason for it to be used or downloaded?
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Orbital Media have a wealth of experience in helping clients develop apps that fulfil key objectives. These can range from educational tools, diagnostic tools, gamified brand engagement, simulations or data management. Our aim is always to innovate, pushing new boundaries to ensure valuable consumer cut through.

Case Study

Ground breaking innovation was at the heart of our Virtual Colic Clinic app, which was developed for Infacol, the UK’s No1 Infant Colic treatment.

With the objective of engaging parents in a completely new way, we decided to develop a visually interactive app that provides pre-recorded video answers to user queries. This would supply automated interaction and support, during the unsocial hours when infants suffer from colic. Further to this, we developed an innovative, infant colic diagnostic tool which would provide a way for parents to make an assessment of their little one’s condition.

This award winning application continues to provide ongoing support to every new generation of parents. It’s longevity, additional value to the consumer and return on investment as a brand engagement tool, are unrivalled within the OTC marketplace.

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