Virtual, Mixed and Augmented realities (Virtual Reality VR is the collective term for these technologies) are already showing huge potential within the healthcare sector. In many respects, the technology could spark a revolution that sees the development of:

    • VR specific healthcare marketing
    • VR healthcare e-commerce
    • VR healthcare education for consumers
    • VR healthcare professional simulation training.

The use of VR technology within these groundbreaking areas takes on a heightened importance when you consider that early research is suggesting VR could provide the optimal user experience in terms of engagement, recall and understanding. The impact of this could be substantial costs savings, efficient use of already stretched healthcare resources and ultimately, significantly improved patient healthcare outcomes.



Gamification provides enhanced engagement and recall for target patients, both young and old. The huge power of this lies in the ability of game play to deliver frictionless transfer of information to users.

Orbital Media supplies more games based applications to the healthcare industry than any other company within the UK market and probably within the global market too!

If you have a healthcare project that requires world-leading innovation, why not set us a challenge.


Benefits of a fully immersive, healthcare VR experience

  • Research suggests significantly enhanced engagement, recall and understanding
  • Improved self care education and outcomes for patients
  • Enhanced ability to explain and market healthcare products
  • Optimal Health Care Professional training simulations
  • The ability to save costs via enhanced healthcare learning.


Case study

Orbital Media have developed a Virtual Reality pharmacy that could be used for VR e-commerce, healthcare professional training or for healthcare marketing. More information can be found here.

What's next?

  1. Tell us about your healthcare challenge and budget
  2. We can put forward a proposal that meets your requirements
  3. Collaborative development of a project plan
  4. VR platform build and testing
  5. VR platform activation.