Virtual, Mixed and Augmented realities (Virtual Reality VR is the collective term for these technologies) are currently revolutionising how we experience the very fabric of complex concepts. Therefore, by logical progression, the ability for VR to influence how we initially experience and then purchase new products or services is going to radically change over the coming years.

Some examples:

  • Experience a university campus, school or museum via a VR visualisation
  • View a potential house purchase via VR visualisation
  • Immersive visualisation of how you’ll look in new clothing
  • Experiencing a new car via VR simulator
  • Testing out the positioning of new furniture or a TV, in a VR constructed version of your front room
  • Virtually walk through your new kitchen, bathroom or house extension, before the work is carried out.
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The options for an enhanced consumer experience are literally endless and will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in our purchasing decisions.


Benefits of a fully immersive, consumer VR experience

  • Presenting a cutting edge way to demonstrate your product, service or experience
  • Allow users to fully immerse themselves in what your product delivers
  • Reduced need for a tangible experience, lowering consumer / company travel / postage costs
  • Enhanced consumer understanding and recall will result in better sales conversions.


We develop exceptional content / software for a truly unique consumer experience across all VR platforms. If you’re showcasing at an exhibition, conference or seminar, we can also supply the hardware.

What's next?

  1. Tell us about your product, service, market, challenge and budget
  2. We can put forward a proposal that meets your needs
  3. Collaborative development of a project plan
  4. VR platform build and testing
  5. VR platform activation.