Orbital Media has established itself as one of the UK’s leading virtual reality content development agencies. We have direct experience in not just creating incredible VR experiences that could potentially change lives in healthcare or education, but also with integrating the technology in successful marketing campaigns that actually generate return on investment.

Our dedicated virtual reality division was established in 2016 and has seen us develop award winning, world first, experiential apps, therapeutic experiences as well as immersive brand and product experiences. Our ambition is to continue pushing the boundaries of virtual reality, delivering worthwhile and valued content and experiences.

What is Virtual Reality and how does it work?

Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional environment generated by a computer that is then explored and interacted by a person. The experience VR provides can be anything from a ride on a roller coaster to an instructional environment on how to assemble an asthma inhaler. The technology that VR uses (which used to be confined to science fiction), such as headsets, controllers and haptic feedback gloves is now readily available at relatively inexpensive prices; and it is only going to get more and more popular.

Confusingly, Virtual Reality (VR) is often a term used to describe broader ‘immersive technologies’ including Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality. Each of these technologies essentially uses a different format and platform to allow the user to experience content in an immersive format.

How can Virtual Reality help me?

As hardware devices and platforms race to adopt immersive content, Virtual Reality, in all its formats is fast becoming reality for many of us. The opportunity to educate and entertain both professionals and consumers through immersing them in branded content is not only hugely exciting, but also proven to be a highly effective means of recall, be it for education or marketing purposes. Virtual reality continues to make headlines on a daily basis, with our imaginations being the only barrier. And as the market matures, VR is becoming a surprisingly affordable format, with fantastic ROI.

How can Virtual Reality work in marketing?

The challenge with virtual reality for marketing purposes is creating content with purpose and value over a simple gimmick. There simply isn’t enough purposeful content being produced, providing a unique opportunity for those brands that embrace VR in its most useful format to benefit from not only publicity, but from a unique ability to tell your story in a totally immersive and interactive format.

How can Orbital Media help with your Virtual Reality project?

Orbital Media will help define the brief, then design and develop your experience on time and within budget.

Orbital Media have first-hand experience in delivering virtual reality marketing projects with proven return on investment. We only undertake projects with purpose and value (to the user as well as brand) and are always happy to discuss ideas with ambition.

Case Studies

MySpira: Augmented Reality

In partnership with the University of Suffolk, Orbital designed and developed the world’s first Augmented Reality (AR) asthma training aid app for children. Featuring a very cute character, the child is educated about asthma and how to manage the condition through unique gamification techniques and fun-loving graphics.

The app has already collected 2 prestigious awards and is due for official release in October 2018.





Virtual Reality Pharmacy

Orbital pioneered and developed a fully functioning VR pharmacy. This incorporated a variety of customisable sensors, which allow interactions with virtual objects. This was achieved using the Oculus Rift. The technology is something planned for roll out onto other VR platforms.

This groundbreaking technology is in the process of being licensed to commercial healthcare organisations.

Find out more about our Virtual Pharmacy project here

Harrison Fund: Virtual Reality

We teamed up with the amazing Harrison’s Fund charity and Mixed Reality technology pioneer, Double Me, to beam Harrison’s Grandpa into Harrison’s living room from 200km away!

The awareness campaign was a huge success, receiving love, accolades and generous charity donations from all over the world.