Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality (Virtual Reality (VR) is the collective term for these technologies) have become one of the hottest areas of technological progress in recent years. The full implications of how this will impact our day to day lives are only just beginning to be felt, with exciting areas of interest including:

  • Healthcare Therapeutics
  • Immersive educational experiences
  • Training simulations
  • Immersive gamification.

Orbital Media are proud to be one of the UK’s leading VR innovators. This has created unique opportunities for integration within a modern digital marketing strategy.

In 2016 we secured our first Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Suffolk. The purpose of this was to collaboratively explore the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies within primary and acute healthcare settings.

The skills and expertise we have accumulated in this field to date, are unique and world leading. This allows us to provide cutting edge, cost effective advice to organisations looking to incorporate VR within their marketing toolkit.


To learn more about our work in Virtual Reality in healthcare, please download our flyer HERE.