This app was primarily designed to educate consumers about a product’s features and or functionality via the frictionless process of repeat gameplay.


The app invites consumers to use the product in a virtual context. Correct use of the product within a gameplay environment is rewarded by an instant prize, discount voucher, product information or premium content. An example might be asking users to correctly add a wash booster product to dirty clothes, then adding the clothes to a washing machine.

For additional plays, users can invite (via push notification) friends to participate, tweet a branded message or follow the brand via another social channel. This offers some of the strongest, inbuilt virality, of any socially enabled game.

Ideal for new product launches, with each activation achieving above average levels of product recall.


The app can be integrated as a fully responsive Facebook game within your brand community, your website or a dedicated campaign microsite.



What's next?

  1.  Tell us about your product, market, challenge and budget
  2.  Identify the branding and functionality you want to incorporate
  3.  App build and testing
  4.  App activation.