Pharmacovigilance (PV) is a process that monitors the effects of medically licensed products and devices, in order to evaluate and identify previously unreported adverse reactions. This is a legal requirement for licenced medicines and something that needs careful consideration in context to any brand marketing taking place online.

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Over the last 10 years, we have pioneered groundbreaking processes for safely monitoring, logging and reporting PV across the full spectrum of digital / social media channels. We are now considered the leading agency for installing compliant, PV related monitoring and maintenance.

Our service is delivered in a global context, for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. This requires careful understanding of the product licence / claims and then careful integration of our unique PV methodology into day-to-day activity. This allows fully formed, online marketing to continue unfettered.

The benefits of a defined digital pharmacovigilance strategy:

✓ Regulatory compliance

✓ Compliant, quick and efficient PV implementation within the digital and social media environment

✓ Safely opens up digital and social media marketing to highly regulated healthcare products.

What's next?

  • Tell us about your product and budget
  • PV requirements analysis and proposal
  • Development of a bespoke PV management document
  • Digital PV activation.