Operating successfully across social media is no longer free for brands. Neither is it free for users, who will usually be handing over data in exchange for sophisticated social ad targeting. It’s a model that permits brands to engage their marketplace in a very granular, precise and cost effective way.

A targeted advertising budget has therefore become an essential component of the marketer’s social media strategy, with the results being 100% measurable and often outperforming most other advertising formats.

We work with you to develop social advertising strategies that deliver COST EFFECTIVENESS, REACH, ENGAGEMENT, COMMUNITY GROWTH and ADVOCACY.

The benefits of social media advertising:

✓ Costs compare very favourably to Pay Per Click search advertising

✓ Ads can be targeted very specifically to demographics and interests

✓ Allows existing social media activity to be enhanced or boosted.

What's next?

  • Tell us about your product, market, challenge and budget
  • Target market analysis and development of an integrated social media advertising proposal
  • A media plan that identifies optimal ad format configurations and inventory costs
  • Activation of media buy.