Orbital Media has been offering market leading social media services since 2003. In fact, our origins as probably the UK’s first specialist social media marketing agency gives us a depth of experience and expertise that are unrivalled.

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Benefits of social media marketing

The growing number of social media interactions each day presents unique opportunities for brands to engage and influence consumer behaviour. The benefits of this can be:

✓  WORD OF MOUTH RECOMMENDATION: Social media allows frictionless word of mouth recommendation between peers

✓  TARGETED ACTIVITY: Engagement can be targeted right across the demographic spectrum, right down to very specific criteria

✓  ENHANCED SEO: Social signals are proving to be an increasingly crucial component of a strong organic search presence

✓  REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: A coherent social strategy allows brands to take a proactive role in managing and influencing reputation

✓  BRAND ADVOCATION: Social media is unique in it’s ability to coalesce communities of your biggest advocates

✓  UNSURPASSED COST EFFECTIVENESS: Taken in it’s totality, the above speaks for itself !