Our Vision

You are unique. Our mission is to preserve and project your uniqueness in its finest glory, for now and for future generations.

Our ambition is to create moving, full-sized holograms of you that can be presented to future generations to come. Whether it be giving a speech at your daughter’s wedding in 20 years time, a special anniversary with your partner or perhaps even making an appearance at your own funeral, our desire is to be the global leaders in personal legacy, holographic projections.


Ask any technology expert about the future of visual communication and the hologram is likely to be mentioned. To date, producing a hologram has been based on simple technology founded in 1862. However, technologies such as Mixed Reality, as well as 3D projection technology, are rapidly emerging.

Right now Hologram Soul comprises two key technologies, both involving holographic capture of the subject via a unique 3D capture system. This content can then be played back at any time in the future, in the following ways:

Purpose built staging system – ideal for larger events. We erect a purpose built frame comprising specialist materials at the destination of your choice (in the UK), then present your holographic recording as if you were actually in the room. Professional speaker and lighting systems will ensure superb clarity and impact of the pre-recorded content.

Virtual, Mixed or Augmented Reality wearables & devices – ideal for more intimate messages. Using the latest virtual, mixed and augmented reality technologies, your content will appear to the wearer in any location, even on the other side of the world. Your holographic projection is kept securely and viewable at any time.

Trial opportunities

We’re currently seeking a members of the public who may be willing to trial the HS program, with the content produced being used for publicity purposes..

Please contact us for more details.