What’s been happening with VR? February Edition

Quite a bit has happened in February for Virtual Reality news, so we thought we’d give you a little breakdown of what’s been going on!

New 360 Samsung Camera


This camera can map an entire room so it can be viewed in VR. What could this potentially mean? Honestly, it could mean anything! 360 videos are still in their infancy, but hopefully increased interest will mean that soon they could be the norm!

Orion Leapmotion – Allows manipulation inside the VR


Leapmotion was famously terrible and unresponsive, but this new version is far more accurate and impressive. In terms of application, we can see massive ‘leaps’ (haha) forward in gaming, and possible within the medical community manipulating virtual bodies!

What's been happening with VR? Feb Edition

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Facebook Social Media VR


If Facebook is moving towards VR tech, which it looks like it is, then it might not be long until we’re Facebooking in VR! Facebook is also heavily involved in VR (They own Oculus) so it’s highly likely that more information will be released in the future.

TED 2016 Void experience


The Void, due to its expansive size, offers more application than the 360 camera, although it would involve having an entire area which is exclusively used for for VR purposes, which could be difficult for the average consumer.  However, the TED void did show how impressive Void VR tech could be, so it’s worth keeping an eye on!

New VR View Master


Much cheaper than other VR devices, it’s also significantly less technologically advanced. However, it could have masses of use if mobile applications were designed specifically for it, and add a new dimension to how people play! 

So that’s what happened in February to VR, but stayed tuned for next months edition, when even more could be going on!