What’s been happening with VR? April Edition

Virtual Reality news has taken a bit of a backseat recently (possibly because of the heaps of new VR information only a few months ago!), but that doesn’t mean that plans and ideas aren’t in motion. Here’s what has been happening in April:

Sales of VR headsets set to boom


The future of VR looks bright if these sales figures are anything to go by. However, it seems slightly less advanced devices that use smartphone screens will be the most popular. This could just be a stepping stone to more advanced VR technology that more people will comfortable using, but we will have to wait and see!

Educational value of VR


Beyond gaming and social aspects, the educational value of VR hasn’t been explored fully yet, but the immersion and intricacy of VR means that is a perfect platform for learning. Initial issues would be that teachers and students alike would have to be taught to use the technology, and it can be a rather isolating experience. That said, this should definitely be an area of consideration, especially because it’s potential is unlimited.

Even more application of VR – climbing Mount Everest


Aside from the fact that this is an impressive feet, there are other applications to this seemingly simple (ok, it’s not that simple!) idea. VR experiences like this could help people with a fear of heights, or problems with vertigo, from the safety of their home or a doctor’s surgery. This proves the versatility of different VR experiences for different purposes.

VR April report

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Desktop shown in VR


While possibly not as impressive as Mount Everest, it does show the day-to-day application of VR. Furthermore, if this idea could be applied to Augmented Reality as well, then this could have even more application. This also proves that VR can be applicable in everyday life, which should hopefully increase public interest – good news for VR fans! 

Smaller VR headsets created


One of the main issues with all VR headsets, excluding the HoloLens, is that they are fairly big and bulky. Furthermore, they are a little claustrophobic, because they have to surround the entire face to work properly. However, this new design, while being slightly less immersive, may appeal to a wider audience because it is slightly smaller and arguably aesthetically  better looking. The glasses are not actually finished yet, but considering how fast VR tech is developing, there’s no reason to think they won’t be on the market soon.

That’s all for April, but we’ll keep you updated with all the best VR news next month!