What’s been happening with VR? March Edition

March was a busy month for Virtual Reality, and we thought we’d help you out by giving our picks of the best bits of VR news!

Playstation VR pricing


Playstation VR is cheaper (£350) than other devices such as the Oculus and the Vive, but at the same time, does mean that an initial purchase of a Playstation will be necessary, and so it isn’t quite as good as it first appears. It is slightly less technologically advanced, but apparently has a higher frame-rate than other VR headsets so should make the experience smoother and with less motion sickness. Overall, if you’re looking forward to gaming within VR, this could be the one for you! 

Information on the Oculus Touch


At the moment, VR as an experience is still fairly disconnected because it is purely visual. However, Oculus Touch would allow user interaction within the Oculus, allowing an even greater deal of immersion. Information about the controllers was actually released last year, but they have been updated since then and are now considerably more advanced. They should be released in the second half of 2016, but other details (such as price) have not been announced yet.

Information on the HoloLens


Pre Orders for the Microsoft HoloLens have started, but at $3000 (about £2100) it isn’t cheap. It is supposed to be very technologically advanced, and if the demos are anything to go by, it should be very impressive. However, it is more of an Augmented Reality (AR) device rather than a Virtual Reality one. This means it places images in the area around you, which is as close to a hologram simulator as it gets on the market at the moment. However, because it is AR over VR, it might be slightly less immersive, and according to reports,  the field of view is limited which does disrupt the experience slightly. That said, it is smaller and less bulky, but more information and reviews will be needed before a concrete judgment is made. It does look very promising though! What's happening with VR March Edition

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Google’s effort to bring VR to the iPhone


This could help increase public awareness and interest in VR tech, especially since Google Cardboard (while very simple) is easier to use and effective at showcasing a look at what even a basic VR device could accomplish. Google is reportedly also working on a better plastic version of their Cardboard design which will hopefully be slightly more durable, and will look slightly more impressive than the Cardboard! 

Increased application of VR


This shows just one more potential application of VR, and so the versatility of the tech to be able to be adapted to different situations and scenarios.

Compatibility of Mac with VR


Oculus will apparently not work with Mac machines yet, although the Vive will. Obviously this should be taken into consideration if/when buying more than one VR device. Although it is more than likely that Apple will update their computers in the near future to run VR. Apple are also reportedly working on their own VR headset, although these are just rumours at this time.

All (or at least some!) of the VR news for March in one tidy bundle! Come back next month for even more VR news!