It’s time to brush your teeth, with a chatbot of course!

Here’s a new and innovative way to encourage children to brush their teeth more: Unilever are bringing Facebook’s chatbot into our lives via a free animated, customised story with the aim to encourage children to brush their teeth for longer while they listen to the story unfold over 21 episodes. “Little Brush, Big Brush” requires interaction to enable the story to develop and ultimately reach its conclusion, and along the way there is, of course, lots of teeth brushing!

Technology such as this are becoming more and more accessible, intelligent, and interactive and provide companies with such unique opportunities to take their messages closer to the consumer, not just in easily missed adverts on the tv or in magazines, but actively infiltrating all aspects of our day-to-day lives, even down to daily bathroom habits!

To stay sharply focused in the eye of the consumer, businesses need to be looking ahead at how to make best use of these evolving marketing opportunities.