Why do soft drinks, confectionery and crisps perform so well on social media?

This is not a new trend. These are sectors that traditionally have an emphasis towards the younger end of the demographic spectrum. Whilst the demographic profile of social media users has moved right through to the upper ranges in recent years, there remains a preponderance of younger users which continue to align with the key markets for these products.

Chocolate wrappings


The listed product types recognise this and often attribute large budgets to support fresh thinking, ongoing campaigns to ensure they drive the advocacy, reach and engagement – positive sales follow. This trend has typically remained since the early beginnings of social media due to the fact that the youth audience drives many of the communication trends we mostly end up following.

So why might consumers be more willing to engage with these types of brands?

Here are just a few reasons as to what draws users to engage with these brands:

  • Comprehensive, ongoing consumer research that helps align content and tone of voice for optimal engagement
  • Integration of well-funded, multi-channel, 360 degree campaigns, often supported by optimal TV placement and across social video channels such as YouTube
  • As FMCG products, they lend themselves to a steady flow of targeted offers and discounts which can be disseminated via social media. On pack promotions play a major part in driving consumers onto social and with millions of products sold daily, it’s a simple numbers game for the brand
  • Substantial investment in social media amplification via advertising across the most relevant channels ensures the right message reaches the right audience at the right time
  • A broad mix of high production value, innovative and inventive content.

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