Why do socially active brands get so little engagement?

We regularly get asked by brand managers why they get so little engagement, even after posting heaps of content and regularly. In some reported cases engagement is lower than 1%!

Lonely figure


So what could be the reasons that your content getting so little engagement?

• Many brands have historically focused on accumulating large social media communities at all costs. This has often been done without proper consideration for the composition of these communities and whether they contain genuine, engaged or aligned fans of the brand. In the first instance, the impact of this has been to deliver disappointing levels of engagement.

• In the second instance, levels of engagement are a key signal within the algorithms that control which content is displayed in news feeds (a particular factor within Facebook). This further depresses engagement in what ends up to be a downward spiral of deteriorating performance.

• Facebook has long promoted the benefits of using its algorithm to serve / filter content that is aligned to each user’s preferences. This has resulted in a series of organic reach reductions, particularly for those brands generating mediocre content or with large, but disengaged social communities.

• In light of the above, social media should no longer be considered a free communication channel. Its effectiveness now lies in aligning great content with strategic social advertising amplification. Some brands are clearly failing to recognise this shift in strategy.

• Are you experimenting with different content formats? For instance, if you’re sticking mostly to textual posts supported average imagery or you are over relying on one social channel you’re missing a trick. Here are some obvious questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your content relevant to the audience… are you 100% about that?
  • Is your content too spammy or does it offer REAL value?
  • Are your chosen social channels the correct ones to be investing in?
  • How are your competitors fairing on the engagement front?
  • What additional value value would your audience really appreciate?
  • Are the times you are posting the right times?
  • Are your content strategies in line with how your communities are digesting content online?

Are you looking for some help with your social media content strategy? We’ve extensive experience in this field with our clients enjoying levels of organic engagement and reach that outperform their nearest competitor, by some margin.

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