Social Media Marketing and Visual Design

Social Media Marketing is talked about here there, and everywhere, but in most cases, the focus is on the quality and relevance of content, tone of voice and regularity of updates. There is, however, another important element of companies’ Social Presence, namely visual design. The importance of Social Media Marketing and Visual Design is huge, yet often neglected….

Importance of Visual Design

The reason this is of equal importance to your Social Media Pages is simple: visual design helps people to recognise updaes of a company immmediately. It subsequently assists in connecting to the community and helps to convey the brand’s personality effectively. In essence, brands with good, strong visual design are more memorable.

Social Media Marketing and Visual Design

Good Visual Branding

Fortunately, good visual branding is far from complicated and can be achieved by following a few simple steps, each one of which is fairly easy to implement.

Colour Palette

Unless your company is also associated with a particular colour/ range of colours, begin by thinking about your company’s personality and what colours would me most suitable to convey it. A fun brand wishing to inspire creativity, for example, should opt for either pastel or strong, bright colours, while a company building on trust (insurance companies, for example), should consider using trustworthy deep blues, or maybe maroons.


The font used on updates is also an important element. Here, too, it is important to choose the right kind of font/s to convey personality. To avoid messages being lost through distraction, one or two fonts at most should be chosen. Naturally, it is important to remember that hard to read, too fancy fonts may also result in messages being lost.

Photo Filters

Adding a consistent feel and look to photos by applying the same photo filter to most or, better still, all of them also will help to reinforce a brand’s personality/ culture and make posts more recognisable. Selecting a filter that compliments existing fonts and colours, again consider the personality you wish to convey. A cool, yet sophisticated urban vibe, for instance, can be portrayed by going for a classic black-and-white effect with the help of heavy vignettes and high contrast, while sepia images with frilly frames convey a rather charming, whimsical effect.

Consistent Templates

Create templates bearing your selected colours, fonts and your company logo; a title and maybe a date for announcements, competitions and promotions; quotes, sales, and so on to keep the appearance of your brand’s posts consistent and make them more memorable/ recognisable.


The whole idea of effective visual design is to enable fans to recognise your brand quickly and easily. Ask yourself whether fans would still realise a post is from your company if your business’ name was taken away. If this is not the case, it is time to implement some or preferably all of these ideas.