Social engagement mistakes made by brands

A successful social media strategy requires clarity and alignment between the brand and its communities; if this is missing then the engagement will be disappointingly low. In addition, a focus on growing large communities to increase engagement will likely also lead to failure if the brand cannot recognise that their community of 10,000 highly engaged users is far more powerful than a community of 1,000,000 disengaged users. It’s not about the size, it’s what you do with it!

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Other common mistakes that we’ve come across have included failing to develop a strategy for quality content that audience relates to or engages with and not recognising that the configuration of content types (e.g. video, imagery, blogs, 360 video, Live etc.) needs to match changes in consumer behaviour and the way social network algorithms serve information to users.

In addition to this, any brand not using social media advertising to amplify activity or using it incorrectly will suffer in terms of growth and engagement. Sadly, the good old days of FREE social networking for brands is long gone.

Finally, social media evolves rapidly so there is a need for your brand’s strategy to be agile, value adding on every level and never fall into the trap of offering 100% brand centric content.

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