Post Brexit this is refreshing: #LondonIsOpen

Whatever your views on the Brexit result, this campaign by the Mayor of London’s promotional team is refreshingly brilliant. Simple and complex at the same time, you can’t stop watching for a second as you try and work out if you recognise any of the opening doors! This campaign isn’t plugging a product or trying to get you to sign up to anything, it’s just about feeling good about the brand that is London.

But, as well as that feel good feeling, there is a deeper sentiment to the video and the overall campaign; it has been created to make everyone, no matter where they are from, feel welcome, and to demonstrate that discrimination is not welcome in London. There will have been a lot of uneasiness amongst those living in London who are from the EU in recent weeks, and this video is a way to say to them not to worry, London is open to everyone, whether that be individuals or businesses.