Orbital Media Targets Twitter Athletes To Promote Colantotte’s Flex Loop Launch

Last month, Orbital Media was asked by Trion:Z and Colantotte to launch their brand new magnetic wristband – the Flex Loop.

It needed something special and something inventive – here is what we did:

We targeted top athletes and asked them to get involved by providing testimonials and images with the Flex Loop. In order to get athletes interested we tweeted them with one of our exclusive invites to review the product.  These athletes were specifically chosen because of their strong twitter followings and a high level of social media activity.

The attempt to get top athletes on board has been a roaring success.

Trion:Z and Colantotte now have support from prominent Olympic athletes (Steven Burke), professional darts players (Jamie Caven) and well known charity fundraisers (such as John Hibbs).

So far, this is one of Orbital Media’s fastest and most successful social media promotions of a new product, as it has ensured that the Flex Loop is well and truly out in the Twittersphere.