Linkedin are finally embracing #hashtags again

Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn back in June for an eye-watering $26.2 billion we’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see what they were going to do next, and so far it seems not much. One thing that has happened rather quietly in the last month or so is the re-introduction of hashtags. They are mostly confined to the iOS and Android app where they are searchable and clickable, whereas in a browser although you can search for hashtags across posts, they are not yet clickable.

Now that they have finally embraced them, how useful are hashtags on LinkedIn? Well, quite useful it seems: Suddenly a new world of possibilities has opened up such as finding all posts on a particular subject whether you are connected to the person posting or not, enabling you to make new, relevant, connections or just the ability to follow content creators of real interest.

We hope Linkedin don’t take too long to bring the full functionality to browsers, after all #hashtagsareforclicking