Instagram Stories Vs Snapchat

Snapchat may not be your first choice for business? But how about Instagram Stories?

For many businesses social media is a key part of the marketing mix and forms a huge portion of an overall marketing strategy. However, there are a lot of social channels to choose from, and understanding which ones are right for your business is essential if they are to be used successfully.

One social channel that may be considered a bridge too far for many businesses is Snapchat: a social channel dominated by the younger demographic. However, the pull of ‘Stories’ is tempting as a new and exciting way to produce innovative content. Just when we all thought we’d have to dive into the mysterious world of Snapchat, Instagram popped up and rescued us with their own version of ‘Stories’. Instagram Stories might be a blatant copy, but as a social channel to reach your audience it is potentially much more relevant. With a much larger monthly user base of 500 million, and with 300 million daily users, Instagram offers a much wider audience not only in terms of numbers but also a more diverse target audience.

As many businesses are already present on Instagram, taking the step into ‘Stories’ is an easy and logical one to take.