How to write unique content for search engines

If you know the basics of SEO, you know that you cannot ‘scrape’ from other sites for content. Your content has to be original and that means no cutting and pasting, there’s no value to this.

So how can you keep Google and co. happy? Here’s how to write unique content for search engines…and it’s not rocket science.

writing unique content1)    Choose a subject and come up with a keyword rich title (I have chosen to write about original content for Google and my title is ‘How to write unique content for search engines).

2)    If you need to, research the subject matter. Find out what authority sites are currently writing about. You want to read up on the latest related news. Bullet point some notes if you wish.

3)    Learn and digest this subject matter.

4)    (The important bit) When writing, close your internet. For your copy, the only thing you need open is a word document, or similar.

5)    Write your article from memory. What you have researched, learnt and digested should now regurgitate into some fantastic kind of text.

6)    Add in keywords sparingly and you will have unique content for search engines with a little SEO flavour too.

And that’s it. Make sure you know what you want to write about and then close down any external references. The content will flow from you and not another source. Try it.

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