Why do most household cleaning brands underperform on social media?

Given the nature of the sector it is not surprising why so many household cleaning brands underperform on social media, some may argue that it’s hard to get excited about cleaning products after all… or is it?

Cleaning products


Research suggests that the biggest growth in consumer expenditure for cleaning products products occurs when people embark on starting a family. Now consider that new parents are one of the most voracious consumers of social media content, of any demographic. So where are the majority of cleaning brands falling down?

We’d argue that social media offers the ideal channel for engaging the key markets. To take advantage of this, we have identified a just a few key areas that the sector can improve upon in its social media delivery.

  • Firstly, brands need to ensure their content is not 100% brand centric and instead, opt for value adding content that is topical. This content needs to be strategically amplified with more effective targeting of content
  • There’s also the ability to link up with partners in more exciting, yet still relevant (to market) sectors to help change perceptions of the brand and bring some vibrancy to the activity
  • Just because a product is dull doesn’t mean the social media strategy has to be boring. You’ve got a blank canvas and plenty of opportunities to shine (excuse the pun!)
  • Creativity and innovation are your friends, and likely to give you the competitive advantage here. Cleaning brands need to be embrace a more daring and innovative approach – have fun with it. The fact is that you’ve got more to lose by staying too clean!

Don’t forget about Trade customers

It’s important to remember the much subtler HUGE win here – your Trade customers want to see that you are investing in social media, building the brand aggressively and more so that your competitors. Convince them of this and you’ll have far more leverage for increasing trade sales as well as better in store positioning and promotion.

ACE case study. Read about how we helped grow this household cleaning brand from zero to hero in just 18 months, tripling their market share using just social media.

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