All hail the Zooids, our little desk tidiers

Untidy desk at the end of the day? Leave it, the “Zooids” will tidy it up!

It seems robots are getting smaller and smaller, and they’re multiplying too! Tiny little robots called “Zooids” are going to be tidying your desk and bringing you your phone in the not so distant future. With touch sensors, gyros and tiny wheels, these little robots form a swarm and work together to accomplish tasks. Their usefulness right now seems limited, but nonetheless they look like a lot of fun! Maybe they’ll be able to bring the phone and a cup of tea too – now that could be interesting!

How will they impact on the world of marketing? We’re not sure yet, but you can be certain that there is a company out there now who are already trying to think of ways to use these little electronic ants in one of their next campaigns!