Are you doing enough to engage with your biggest customers?

We’d argue that the majority of brands are not doing enough. Prospective consumers through to loyal brand ambassadors have taken time out of their busy day to engage with you, so is it right to ignore them? They both need and seek those touchy feely moments that a brand can offer them – they want to feel valued as a customer and arguably this is one of the easiest means of driving a healthy relationship between brand and consumer. Get engaging!

Customer engagement


It’s often the case that brands fail to follow up beyond the first layer of engagement. This is understandable when you consider the time this requires to be delivered safely and to a high standard.

However, a proactive brand, with sharp witted responses can engender huge amounts of engagement, reach and positive consumer sentiment. It can also help diffuse tricky consumer complaints, which can dampen all the hard work you’ve piled into driving advocacy.

From our experience, a brilliant response should be personable, yet professional, and more importantly, timely – within 30 minutes of being received. The consumer wants to feel the brand is alive and working to their needs.

TOP TIP: A great way of accelerating and improving this process is by way of developing a list of answers to frequently asked questions, which can be easily personalised and posted by your community manager, within minutes.

Are you struggling to manage your social media channels or feel they could be run more efficiently? Please contact us to discuss how we can implement our strategic approach to engagement, leading to exciting levels of social community growth advocacy.

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