How to create great Images for Instagram

The appearance of the images you post on Instagram can make all the difference between your Instagram marketing efforts being successful or failing miserably.

create great Images for InstagramColours, the setting of your images and the perspective from which they are taken all play vital roles in how successful (in terms of likes, shares and attracting new business, of course) your images are.

Here are some pointers on how to create great Images for Instagram:


Instagram offers an array of filters users can apply to their images. Choosing the right filter for each image can make the difference between a photo looking dull and boring and the same photo having a ‘wow appeal’ viewers simply can not resist. Which filter is right for any given image is best determined by trial and error. Taking the time to play around with filters until an image looks ‘just perfect’ is well worth the effort.


Simply taking a shot of a product and expecting people to like it is as useful as a chocolate fire-guard. People do not want to have product images rammed down their throats, they want to see pictures that appeal to them in different ways. Trying to sell a summer dress, for example, is made a lot easier when picturing it worn by a normal woman in an everyday situation, as opposed to showing the dress on a hanger or worn by a ‘dolled-up’, super skinny model posing in an unnatural setting.


Changing the perspective of an image is exceptionally eay and can make or break an image. Try changing an image’s perspective by approaching it from different angles. Take photos from different heights (done easily by crouching/ lying on the floor, getting above the scene, taking photos from different sides, etc). Incorporating different angles/ lines by doing this enhances the natural lines of a product and makes the resulting image much more appealing to potential customers.


In essence, the message here is to take lots of photos of objects in natural, appealing situations from different angles, heights, and so on; select the ones that look most attractive, and then play around with them (filters) until they could not possibly be more visually appealing (it helps to get second, third and perhaps even more opinions) before posting them.