5 ways to really p*&s off a blogger

Now I’m not suggesting you’d want to upset a blogger (but then again maybe you do!) but here are 5 things to steer well clear of when communicating with bloggers, otherwise prepare to feel their wrath!

1 – Never, ever CC all the bloggers into one email. “That’s obvious” I hear you say, but you would be astounded as to how this little thing just slips through the net with a slight lapse of concentration. We’d always encourage you to send personalised emails to each, but if you don’t have the time or inclination then always remember to BCC!

2- Never question a bloggers readership numbers. By all means make your own judgements and take what they say with a large dollop of salt (in many instances) but never question this as you’ll be questioning their integrity, something that will have you taken off their Christmas card list!

3 – Never go back on your word. If you have promised their blog a mention across your own social channels (for instance), make sure you deliver as the recognition and extra reach means the world to them and their motivations for blogging. In the same way, if you have promised a sample, make sure it arrives when you say it will. Look after them and they will look after you.

4 – Never tell a blogger to ‘shove’ their demands. It has been mentioned to me by numerous PRs recently that bloggers are starting to demand a lot for the return they can give. They may be asking for samples, experiences, vouchers or indeed cash (a scarily growing trend). Whilst you may feel like laughing in their faces, always respect these wishes and politely decline if not on your agenda – honesty is the best option, if you don’t have budget, then you don’t have budget – think of other ways you can help them (e.g. promote their blogs across your client’s social pages perhaps).

5 – Never get their name wrong on emails or just leave it out. Ok, so many bloggers don’t advertise their actual name on their blogs, but there is no excuse for not getting the name of their blog right at least – this is after all an extension of their passions and alter ego. Simply write ‘Dear xBLOG NAMEx editor’ – this is arguably the most important part of your email pitch!

Final word, approach blogger outreach with caution, professionalism and unadulterated integrity. Understand what you want from your outreach and be prepared to manage a whole raft of personalities with different approaches. Understand what value you can offer them and appreciate that they do what they do because it’s their passion – anything you can do to assist them share their voice/make their lives a little more comfortable will stand you in good stead!

Take your time and avoid costly mistakes as they could become very costly.