5 ways to get more blog traffic

Many great blogs fail to see the traffic they deserve, because a few simple measures to increase their visibility were not implemented. Here are 5 ways to get more blog traffic.


The first move after publishing a blog post should be to share the post on as many Social Media channels as possible. This not only alerts existing customers/ fans to new content being available; it also allows them to share it with their acquaintances, broadening your potential audience in the process.

blog traffic

Guest Bloggers

Inviting guest bloggers to write on/ for your blog is a great way of attracting fresh audiences, as guest writers typically bring along their own existing audience. The secret here is to opt for writers with different audiences that are, however, complimentary to your existing audience.

In this fashion, both audiences will appreciate any content posted by you or your guest blogger, who in turn will be able to relate to your existing audience. Be careful on this though, you need to only consider blogs with good reputation with search engines. Failure to do this correctly will lead to possible web penalties (Talk to us if you are unsure what this means!)

Directing Website visitors to Blogs

Most companies add a link to their blog onto their navigation bar, but dedicating a little space on your home page to promote the blog is a great way of attracting readers. You could, for instance, set a little space aside to allow visitors to scroll through some of your most recent posts. Alternatively, you could highlight specific, particularly informative/ important content in this manner.

E-mail Subscribers

Consider including blog content in e-mail marketing campaigns. It is highly likely that not everyone on your e-mail list also reads your blog, but it is equally likely that they would probably be interested in finding out what your company has to say. Adding links to specific blog posts within e-mails’ content and / or a more general link to your blog in the e-mails footer is likely to arouse interest and have them click through to see more.

Evergreen Content

Some posts are likely to explain your products/ services in greater detail than others. Link to these posts from similar content, like other posts, e-books, and so on in order to provide readers with the opportunity to learn more.


All of the tips above are useful in gaining more traffic to your blog, and we didn’t really focus on SEO! As you attempt to make your blog more visible, consider who your audience are and where they tend to seek information. They may be very active on Social Media Networks or prefer other sources of information. Whichever is the case, implementing the above ideas will help to increase your blog’s visibility and ultimately help to grow your audience and customer base.