5 of the best articles for SEO in 2014 – How do I SEO in 2014?

How do I SEO in 2014?

2013 was an interesting year for the SEO industry, with updates galore. Many SEO firms struggled with the changes and still do not really know the best way forward. If you were practising SEO by the book, there isn’t too much to worry about, but there are certain tactics you should now employ to stay ahead.

We have listed 5 of the best articles to come out of 2013’s aftermath, with information on how to move forward and best practises. We also list an article on how to fix link penalties from Google because it is a much valued resource and offers a huge amount of information.

seo in 2014

Onwards and Upwards!

Search Engine Watch – SEO in 2014: How to Prepare for Google’s 2014 Algorithm Updates

An overall summary of SEO in 2014. Content marketing and social signals playing a big part. Use of Google+ now essential, it’s suggested you tie up authorship for all content.

Social Media Today – Is SEO Dead in 2014?

Social Media Today list a near similar path to above, with the addition of checking backlinks and the quality of. It also usefully lists areas of SEO we should all now avoid. At Orbital, we must express the importance of not using anchor text links in any future press releases.

Search Engine Land – SEO Changed Forever In 2013. How To Adjust And Thrive In 2014

Search Engine Land cite most of the above too as ways forward, but also include the use of knowledge graph and  rich snippets, and giving Bing/Yahoo more attention (nearly 1/3 of all search queries). It also addresses how to tackle Hummingbird.

Search Engine Land – Google Hummingbird & The Keyword: What You Need To Know To Stay Ahead

A useful article on Hummingbird, but interestingly, most of all the above is also listed in this article as best practise to stay on top; Mobile optimisation, Structured data, Google+, links and G+. keyword optimisation and content creation (content based on audience’s needs).

The MOZ Blog – Ultimate Guide to Google Penalty Removal

Sometimes an article comes along that really offers huge value, this is one of them. This is a step by step of how to fix any Google penalties.